is a research consultant based in the Gold Coast, Australia. She has a PhD in Sport & Exercise and her research is focused on Sport Marketing, Live Streaming, Social Media & Fan Engagement.

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Wymer, S., Thompson, A., & Martin, A. (In Press). Diminishing the distance during social distancing: An exploration of Australian sport organisations’ usage of social live streaming services throughout Covid-19. In P. M. Pedersen, B. J. Ruihley, & B. Li (Eds.), Sport and the pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19’s impact on the sport industry (pp. TBD). London: Routledge.

Wymer, S., Naraine, M.L., Thompson, A.J., & Martin, A. (In Press). To Stream or Not to Stream? A Case of Social Media Management Within a Professional Sport Organization. Case Studies in Sport Management (pp. TBD). 


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