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Hello, I'm new here!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hi I'm Sarah - soon to officially be Dr. Wymer (pending the official ceremony in Auckland on the 20th of April 2020). My PhD has been submitted, the oral exam and emendations have been completed and approved and the only thing between me and being an official "Dr." is the floppy hat, the gown and an expensive piece of paper!

I have started a website to showcase my research and start a blog to start penning some thoughts I have in regards to all things sport, social media, fan engagement and live-streaming. I find that when I scroll Twitter just before I go to sleep (why do I keep doing this?), I find a number of ideas for research and questions start formulating in my head - why do they do this? What could be found here? I need to know more! It is then 2am and I am down a rabbit hole of information and my brain is ticking (like that meme where the kids has math equations coming out of his head) with possibilities and thoughts. I thought a blog could be a good place to 'dump' some of these thoughts and start conversations on academic leanings, ideas and potential research ideas.

My next blog topic will cover my PhD topic "Social Media & Live Streaming: The Case of the Queensland Maroons" as I hope to have four publications out of this thesis in 2020. I will talk about the concept of live streaming and potential direction for sport organisations use of live streaming in the future and my thoughts on how it could be used 'better'.

Look forward to engaging with you soon,



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