• Sarah Wymer

Officially PhDone (Finally!)

At the start of 2017, I recently had my first baby and wanted to continue to stimulate my mind. I enrolled in a Masters of Business at Massey University via distance while working full time as a Sport Development Officer at Griffith University

🤳🏼My thesis was based on live streaming, at the time, it was a struggle to find a sport organisation that was continually using social media live streaming for fan engagement. I was questioned whether this topic was sustainable, and was this just a “tool”, that will be a quick fad.

🗣 In 2018, I presented at SMAANZ and received feedback that this project could be more of a PhD. With the help of my supervisor, Professor Andy Martin, we applied for my Masters to be transferred to a PhD.

🤗 In 2019, I had another baby and completed my PhD. The borders to New Zealand closed and I have been unable to physically graduate. I quit my full-time job and decided to pursue an academic career.

🤳🏼 Whilst I was unable to physically graduate for two years, we have seen a huge rise in live streaming, not only in sport organisations, but social media platforms have enhanced their digital tools to allow people to connect in “real-time”, and cement this tool in the market, proving my research area is not just a fad.

🎓 Today, Tuesday, May 25th 2022, I was finally able to graduate and bring all three of my girls to New Zealand. Hopefully showing them that you can be a mum and still chase your goals! When you find something you are passionate in, it really doesn’t feel like work ❤️

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