Teaching Experience

Griffith University

  • Sport and Social Media (Trimester 2, 2021); Online

  • Sport Marketing (Trimester 2, 2021); Mixed Mode

  • Event Business Development (Trimester 2, 2021); Mixed Mode

  • Sport Management Principles (Trimester 1, 2021); Face to Face

  • Sport Communication (Trimester 2, 2020); Face to Face

  • Sport Management Principles (Trimester 1, 2020); Mixed Mode


Western Sydney University

  • Sport & Society (Semester 1, 2021); Online

La Trobe University

  • Managing Innovation For Sport Growth (Semester 2, 2021); Online


Swinburne Online

  • Leaning & Communicating Innovative Business Practice (Teaching Period 2, 2021); Online

  • Introduction to Sport Business Management (Teaching Period 1, 2021); Online

  • Governance & Sport Law (Teaching Period 1, 2021); Online

  • Sport Clubs and Facilities Management (Teaching Period 3, 2020); Online

  • Introduction to Sport Business Management (Teaching Period 2, 2020); Online

  • Sport Marketing (Teaching Period 1, 2020); Online

  • Introduction to Sport Business Management (Teaching Period 3, 2019); Online

  • Sport Clubs and Facilities Management (Teaching Period 3, 2018); Online

Teaching Style

I believe I have an adaptive teaching style and focus on creating an interactive classroom for students to engage and actively learn. Throughout my teaching experience, I have taken on various teaching methods as a facilitator, delegator, and demonstrator to ensure students acquire in-depth knowledge about the given subject rather than just reading what is required. Further, I believe it is important to take on various roles within teaching and ensure students are individualized to gain the best outcomes from a teaching and learning perspective.


I highly value “real-world learning” and often ask students to reflect on their personal experiences and link back to my own personal experiences to give meaning to the weekly theory. My lectures often focus on engagement beyond the classroom and encourage students to draw beyond academia through news articles, or podcasts around the subject area that extends past textbook theory. I find this allows further application of key concepts into relatable experiences or opportunities to provide perspectives on current events or organisations to provide a deeper level of interaction and application of key topics.


I am continually looking at methods to develop and improve my teaching performance. I regularly seek feedback from students to understand what they enjoyed about the course, and improvements to the course and my teaching style. Outside of university-driven feedback collection, I enjoy attending academic conferences, networking, industry, and academic podcasts and reading various sources to expand my knowledge. I believe through these professional self-development opportunities; I am able to expand my knowledge and provide deeper insight for students to draw ‘real-life’ experiences from the theory which can often be confusing for students.

Student Feedback

Enrolling at 50 to do an online degree seemed like a stupid idea. After the first two weeks in this subject, I wished I had enrolled FT. Sarah support and guidance is amazing. She comes across as an easy-going, beautiful person happy to help when the struggle is real and her communication style is spot on. I struggled with referencing and Sarah was quick in her response to my questions and concerns providing me with the needed documentation offering further support if needed. The feedback on the assignments is spot on and I have to say I learned a lot. For my first written assignment, I got 67/100 and on my second one 71/100. What matters in this comparison is not the grade but the fact that I learned, I improved, I did better, and I can thank my teacher for that.

- Learning & Communicating Innovative Business Practice (Swinburne Online, T2, 2021)


The way Sarah teaches in class is great, it's super interesting so it doesn't even seem like I'm doing uni work half the time! 
- Sport & Society (Western Sydney University, S1, 2021)


This topic is very interesting, as Sarah provides simple slides that focus on important information and also the inclusion of case studies which helps me to understand the topic clearly. I really enjoy that I can learn not only based of textbook but also recent events which shows a clear application!

- Sport Management Principles (Griffith University, T1, 2020)


I thought Sarah's knowledge of the sports marketing industry was great and you could tell she is passionate about this unit. I was very satisfied with Sarah and I hope to work with her during future

teaching periods.
- Sport Marketing (Swinburne Online, TP1, 2020)


The weekly feedback from discussions was both direct and indirect. This forced further thinking online with the expected outcomes of the discussions/questions. Always responded to emails in a

timely manner, always providing great feedback and I felt as if she truly cared about our opinions on topics.

- Sport Marketing (Swinburne Online, TP1, 2020)