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My name is Dr Sarah Wymer and I am currently living on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia with my partner and two children (Sofia, 4 and Luna, 2). I am currently working as an Academic Consultant, and working at five universities in various roles including sessional lecturing and research. I am also an Administrative Consultant for the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ). My main research areas are concerned with sport marketing, social media, social live streaming services, and fan engagement, however, I am always interested in a challenge or new opportunities.

My passion for sport is one of my most earliest and vivid memories. In a family of females, my dad was outnumbered however his passion for sport was contagious. Growing up in Auckland, our family ritual and bonding was surrounded by the consumption of sport; no matter the day or week – whether it be a live game on television, in the stadium or an associated television program, we would watch it together as a family. Thanks to Dad, some of the happiest memories that I treasure the most involve the New Zealand Warriors. On March 10th, 1995, my Dad dragged a young child along with his friends to attend the first-ever “Auckland Warriors” game at Ericsson Stadium against the Brisbane Broncos. From this moment, I became attached to the New Zealand Warriors. Up until I moved to Australia, I would religiously attend every home game with Dad and his friends, riding the rollercoaster of wins and the numerous losses. I believe my passion for sport and memories as a fan is what drives my research and teaching.

Throughout high school, I was not academic but I lived and breathed sport – playing as much as I could and one of those kids who thought Physical Education (PE) was the Olympics (a little competitive). I was offered a scholarship at Unitec Institute of Technology to undertake a Bachelor of Sport with the goal to become a PE Teacher. However, on a study abroad exchange at the University of Central Missouri, I discovered a passion for Sport Marketing & Sport Management. Throughout my education, I heard peers complaining about assignments and counting down until semester break. However, I considered the assignments “fun” and was excelling academically for the first time in my life. 

After my undergraduate degree, I was sad it was over. I felt lost without the assignments, research and learning. I found myself facilitating and managing university sport for the next ten years. I enjoyed the delivery of sport, but I missed the academic knowledge and learning. While working at Griffith Sport in Brisbane, I enrolled in a Masters in Sport Management through Massey University. I enjoyed being back in the academic realm so much, that my Masters' thesis morphed into a PhD and I graduated with a Doctorate in Sport & Exercise at the end of 2019 completing my thesis titled “Social Media and Live Streaming: Reaching and Engaging Fans? The Case of Facebook Live and the Queensland Maroons”.


I have discovered a passion for research and teaching and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.